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King Luis the 5th by Will Roberson
2022 Gramercy Art Show


Smokers by Jose Domingo
2019 Gramercy Art Show


NOTE:  This form takes credit card payments.  To pay by check/apply by mail, click here

Section1: Tell Us About Yourself

Upload your photo (to be used in your gallery if accepted to the show - not required, but encouraged!) 

Upload File

Section 2: Upload Photos of Artwork


  • Upload up to four (4) works.

  • Files must be in .jpg format, minimum 72 dpi.

  • If your work is framed, crop your photos to remove all traces of the frame.

  • Before uploading, name your artwork files to include artist's full name, the name of the piece, the dimensions, and the price (or NFS).  Follow this example: 

Jane Doe_Sunflowers_12"x12"_Oil on Canvas_$350

Upload Work #1
Upload Work #2
Upload Work #3
Upload Work #4

Section 3: Submit Entry Fee


  • The Gramercy Art Show is sponsored by Gramercy Neighborhood Associates, Inc., and current members enjoy a discounted entry fee.  This year we have included an entry category to simultaneously sign up for a GNA annual membership at the individual level AND enter the Gramercy Art Show.  (Learn more about all GNA Memberships here.)

  • Choose your entry status below and click "SUBMIT", where you'll be prompted to fill out your credit card information.  You will will receive a confirmation email that your payment/entry has been received. If you art is accepted to the Gramercy Art Show, you will be notified via email the week of 4/8

Select an entry category:

Thanks for submitting!

Gramercy Art Show 2024
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