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Celeste Maslovsky

Artist Celeste Maslovsky.jpeg

Celeste Maslovsky is a visual artist most interested in painting the human spirit. Primarily working with oil paint, she aims to capture more than a person's likeness.


Celeste explores the essence of her subjects by painting from a place of emotional resonance. A painting is deemed a success if it can lead a viewer to a feeling of being seen themselves. Her style is representational with much attention given to the complexity of color. She has trained with The Art Students League of New York since 2020. Her influential instructors include Robin Smith, David Kassan, Dominique Medici and Ricky Mujica.


When she is not painting, Celeste enjoys reading, hiking in the Adirondacks and all sorts of travel. Celeste was raised in California and now resides in New Jersey.


Oil on Panel

20" x 16"

Heidi (left)

Oil on Linen

18" x 14"

Kirra (right)

Oil on Panel

14" x 11"

Self Portrait

Oil on Paper 

20" x 12"

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