Throughout a career as a successful lighting technician in the New York City motion picture and television industry, I cultivated a strong visual sense which was a constant motivating force in my work. This experience has informed my photographic expressions by instilling a deep understanding of the structural elements of each image; their form, shape, and color. An abstract image exists in thought, or as an idea, but not having a physical or concrete existence. A photographic image, far from being a factual depiction of reality, is basically an abstract representation of a visual rendering. By manipulating the presentation of an image, it can be isolated from its worldly context allowing a viewer to impose their own content and meaning upon that form. This process can be applied to any image, whether a landscape, or an extreme close-up. It is this transformation of visual essence that is most exciting. As my work evolves, I hope to continue exploring the mysterious worlds embedded in the reflections and patterns of the natural world. Thus, transforming our experience and understanding. By offering up an alternative, more fantastical version of that commonplace, I am simply attempting to allow others to see the world as I do. Exhibitions: Ceres Gallery “Exposure 2019 & 2020”. BA in Mass Communications, University of South Florida. I live in New York City with my wife, Jane, and dog, Winston.





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