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Dorothy Black has lived and worked as an artist in New York City since 1968. She has shown her work in the US, Europe and Japan.

This series tells my neighborhood's streetscape story in the Flatiron District, Gramercy Park and Washington Square, from the mid-March lockdown until early September.  


I photographed the empty streets and cross sections until September 1st brought peaceful protesters out in great numbers.  With them came destruction and the boarding up of retail store windows.  Peaceful protests continued on 5th Ave, Union Square and Washington Square Park.


I tore the printed photographs for collage work.  The streetscape I captured was not beautiful, it was full of pain and emptiness, I put beauty in the scene with pastel color.  If you cannot find beauty find your own beauty to add!  As the government abuse of power slowed down the mail, the postcard canvas became more symbolic.  On the back of each postcard is stamped COVID-19 2020 NYC, location of photo, month, and signed.  A postcard stamp for mailing on each card have the images of seashells and coral reefs.


Covid has killed so many thousands of people and ground to a halt normal living.  It also allowed the earth to heal.  This series depicts a particular moment in time and place, representing a monumental global breakdown and the beginning of healing humanity and the earth.  



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