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Eric Sonntag

Artist Eric Sonntag

Eric is a sculptor and painter that creates conceptual motifs of chimeric fusions, experimental portraiture, and anthropomorphic wildlife compositions. A wide range of imagery is employed in his work, yet the human form remains foundational. He has a background in special effects makeup and creature design, particularly in the macabre and science-fiction film genres, and maintains an active role in this field, bridging his artistic pursuits with practical applications in the film industry.


Eric attended classes at New York Academy of Art and The Art Students League with focus in figurative painting. He’s currently working on commissions and diligently building a body of personal work in his studio.


Sophia's Flight

Bronze Powder, Resin, Steel, on Black Walnut Base
24" x 12" x 12"

Lowland Legacy
Bronze Powder, Resin, Steel, on Oak Base
35" x 33" x 31"

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