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Frieda Christofides

Artist Frieda Christofides

Frieda Christofides has intense love for the outdoors and is her happiest when outside painting. She’s a born and raised New Yorker! So, painting outdoors can mean sitting in the middle of Broadway, going to Central Park for the millionth time or finding a secret community garden. Honestly there is never a lack of subject. She loves finding a place and thinking, “how did I not know this existed?”


Frieda gathers energy from the places, movement, and life around her. She often paints together in groups. Quite often with NYC Urban Sketchers or with a group of artists that have been painting together since high school. This has created a unique artist dialog for her, finding a location, discussing composition, and completing the project in the chosen spot. She went to the HS of Art and Design in NYC, where it was mandatory to paint “en plein air”, on the subway ride home, or weekends in the neighborhood.

Frieda never stopped that style of painting. She graduated from the RISD in Printmaking. She is on the board for NYC Urban Sketchers as their event coordinator. Events organized are workshops, Earth Day and Summer Celebration both at the Queens Botanical Garden.

Bethesda Fountain

Watercolor on Paper
16" x 20"


Watercolor on Paper
12" x 16"


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