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Frieda Christofides

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All I ever wanted to do was color. At first with crayons and then I moved onto paints as soon as I could. Being from Greek Cypriot heritage, there were always beautiful craft objects around all my families homes. Colorful baskets, beautiful ceramic vessels and bright handmade woven tapestries. 

I have an intense love for the outdoors, I am at my happiest when I am outside painting. I gather energy from the places, movement, and life around me.  I often paint together in groups. Quite often with NYC Urban Sketchers or with a group of artist that I have been painting together since high school. This has created a unique artist dialog for me.  Because of my love for en plein air painting my medium of choice has became almost exclusively watercolors on paper. 

I went to the High School of Art and Design in NYC and then I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in Printmaking.

For the past seven years I have been participating in the NYC local chapter of an international group Urban Sketcher. I am currently a board member. I am their Instagram administrator and have organize drawing events, workshops and exhibitions.




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The Gramercy Art Show

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