Glenn Marlowe has been an artist for almost 30 years. Early in his career his artistic focus was on painting, drawing and pastel work. As his painting evolved into a dramatic impasto style, his direction toward sculpture became a natural transition in 1980. The scale of his work ranges from miniature to larger-than-life head and bust portraits life-size and over-life size and also includes full-length torsos. Anthony Antonios , instructor Art Student’s League of New York says of Marlowe’s work, “His work is powerful and dynamic. His sculptures show a vast understanding of anatomy- reminiscent of the cinquecento artists. His sculpting brings you through the ages to a modern vision with great sensitivity towards form."  Gary Sussman, instructor Art Student’s League of New York says of Marlowe’s work, “Glenn Marlowe is a sculptor of grand scale. His close observation of the human form has lead us to enormous presentations of the human condition. Mr. Marlowe provides us with the generosity of his understanding of scale and confronts us with an intimate sense of place in the world of grandiosity.”


The artist's unique style incorporates a process of controlling and manipulating form. Classes in anatomy at New York's Columbia Presbyterian Hospital imbued his work with the true spirit of the human body. The biomechanics of muscle and bone continue to influence his work, instilling a sense of dynamic motion. He models the structural elements of his pieces after the Renaissance artists Donatello, Michelangelo and Bernini. Studying the work of these masters-in-situ has greatly impacted his stylistic development.


Marlowe's work has been in numerous collections including the permanent collection of the Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts, Florida. Among his many New York, NY exhibitions include those at The National Sculpture Society, one man show at 220 Gallery, Hudson Valley Art Association, award winner at the Salmagundi Club, gold metal award at the Audubon Artists, winner at the Allied Artist of America, award winner at American Artists Professional League and the Art Students League of New York where he received a Merit scholarship. As a public school teacher he is also the recipient of a Christa McAuliffe Fellowship in New York State for the fusion of mathematics and art. He achieved great success carving marble for many years.


Currently he uses clay to model his work, while casting in aqua resin and bronze and imbuing each surface with a unique finish. All of the works shown here can be can be seen on his website or in his studio/gallery in Long Island City.   Marlowe lives with his wife Judy in New York, NY.


"My personal studies of anatomy through the years have taken me through a great learning tunnel. Beginning as a miniature painter then as life-size, then as an etcher then a clay sculptor then a carver and most recently through years of over-life size sculpture, I have always maintained my passion for the human. I feel fortunate to have found my affinity to art but I am most fortunate for finding the reasons to continue with my need to use these skills to access my reasons. I simply love the work and love to solve the intricate difficulties that are inherent in the creative process. I am greatly inspired by the Renaissance artists as the masters-in-situ have always had a great impact on my development regardless of whether I am in Rome, Florence or a museum in Boston. I have one objective now and that is to reflect and represent the kinesthetic styles of the male and the female anatomy. I am searching for the biomechanics of muscle and bone to engage the dynamic motion in my sculpture."  ~ Glenn Marlowe

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