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Apply (by invitation only)

Ivy House by Nicholas Lombardo
2021 Gramercy Art Show


Tropical Colors by Rosanne Potter
2021 Gramercy Art Show

Section1: Tell Us About Yourself

Upload your photo (to be used in your gallery if accepted to the show - not required, but encouraged!) 

Upload File

Section 2: Describe & Upload York Artwork (up to 4 works)


  • Files must be in .jpg format, minimum 72 dpi.

  • If your work is framed, crop your photos to remove all traces of the frame.

  • Name your files "Work 1",  "Work 2", etc., and upload them to the corresponding form fields labeled "Upload Work # 1", Upload Work #2", etc.

  • You can submit up to 4 separate pieces of art/.jpg files in total.  If you upload less than 4, just continue to Section 3.

Upload Work #1
Upload Work #2
Upload Work #3
Upload Work #4

Thanks for submitting!

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