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José Luis Alvarado

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José Luis Alvarado is the husband of Patricia, the father of Joseph and Esteban Andres, and the proud grandfather of Liliana Teiko Alvarado. Jose Luis and Patricia moved to New York City for job-related reasons during the summer of 2021, as the city was waking from its COVID slumber. The fact that many establishments weren’t quite open gave Jose Luis the time to dedicate to his painting. An educator and administrator by training, his works aim to depict the beauty and diversity around us as well as highlight the plight of underrepresented and marginalized communities. It is the artist’s hope that his paintings are able to relay that the richness, capacity, and potential that diverse communities offer are not deficits but are assets. The works submitted for this show were all completed since his arrival to NYC.

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The Gramercy Art Show

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