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Joy Wolf

Artist Joy Wolf

Joy Wolf discovered her love of painting and photography sometime around her fifth birthday when she first picked up a Brownie camera. Finger paint came next. In 1980 she began her award-winning career in photojournalism at The Associated Press.


Ms. Wolf then worked as a staff photographer for several American newspapers before deciding to freelance. Her images have graced the pages of national and international magazines including TIME, Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine, and Paris Match. She is the recipient of numerous honors including two Pulitzer Prize nominations, the Kodak Epcot Award, and accolades from the National Press Photographer’s Association Pictures of the Year competitions.


Ms. Wolf’s work has been shown in museums and galleries in the U.S., Europe, and Asia and  is in the permanent collections at the Center for Creative Photography, The Denver Art Museum, and The Arken Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen. Ms. Wolf’s photographs have also been featured in six books including the popular A Day in the Life of America, A Day in the Life of Japan, and Bayan Ko: Images from the Philippine Revolt.  Ms. Wolf joined ABC News in the early 1990s as a segment and field producer, contributing key segments to 20/20, Good Morning America, World News Tonight and Nightline.


Ms. Wolf has worked as a painter and photographer on five continents, but California is the place she calls home.She studied at The Art Institute of Chicago, received her Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and English from the University of Arizona and continues to study at The Art Students League of New York.

Pink Velvet

Oil on Canvas
36" x 24"

Cats and Dogs

Oil on Canvas
24" x 36"

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