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Lauder Bowden

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Lauder Bowden, born in New York during the Baby Boom era, is an artist and designer. A child of immigrants from Scotland and Hungary, he was encouraged by his father to to pursue the arts and design which culminated with a BFA from Pratt Institute. Fleeting moments of the mundane appeal to his subject matter as well as everyday snapshots of inanimate and animate objects to both display the human condition portrayed through abstraction and narrative works. His work sits in corporate collections and private homes throughout the United States and Europe. He has exhibited at the Grainery Museum, Grand Central Station, and in various parts of New York. His varied series questions kitsch and the revolving door of fashion in our image saturated eta while his other series explores abstraction and space.  Bowden is current working on digital reinterpretation of his work created in the early 90s-00s. 

1946    Born - Irvington, New Jersey 
1964 - 1968 BFA, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
1968 - 1969 at George Nelson And Co.
1969 - 1979 Walker Group / Walker Grad
1979 - 1988 Lauder Bowden and Associates
1988 - 2011 BHR Design Group
2011 -  Independent


1991 -1992: 

Prix Fix NYC - One Man Show, Pan Am Building

Exhibition Space NYC - Group Show


1993 - 1994: 

Jadite Galleries, NYC - One Man Show

Emelin Center, Mamaroneck, NY - One Man Show



Room, INterior Products, NYC - One Man Show 


The White Gallery, Lakeville, CT - Group Show

Anderson Arts Center, Snowmass, CO - Group Show


Stehan Stanoyov Gallery, NYC - "Places" - Group Show


Art Expo New York

Gramercy Neighborhood Associates Art Show


Couciling in Schools - Auction

Artist Equity Gallery, NYC - Group Show

1997:  Interior Design Magazine - Forum Painting

1989:  Interior Design Magazine - Art In Design

1975:  Interior Design Magazine - Corporate Arts

2011:  Art In America - International Review 

Prudential Insurance Co. of America - Roseland, NJ 
Standard Oil of Indiana

Hebrew Home for the Aged - Riverdale, NY 
Wingate and Cullen - NY, NY 
Liscum McCormack 
Van Voorhies, NY, NY

The Granary - Sharon, CT

Melva Bucksbaum

Tori Zalben Collection

Fabrinkant Collection

Rober and Jurate Altman Collection

Virany Collection


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The Gramercy Art Show

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