Correlating to traditional mandalas, my Stargate artworks are set with intentions of goodwill, have a center-point, and are within a framework that suggests the parameters of the physical world we live in. They are numbered to mark a moment in time.


As an artist and Reiki master, I am a conduit for energy and intuitive insight within the creation process.  Reiki is universal healing energy that is channeled and directed towards the highest good of an individual and the collective. It is my goal to bridge the metaphysical with the physical in order to imbue my artwork with a deep sense of awareness. The etheric body perceives its environment before the intellect can assign meaning through language. The process of discerning color, form, texture, mark-making and so on, in an artistic composition unlocks the door to intuition. The practice of trusting your intuition allows for personal growth and empowerment. Similar to how certain fabrics efficiently absorb water; natural fibers can absorb and radiate energy. I continually push the boundaries of textiles in fine art to transcend the material form.


The viewer is offered the opportunity to discover and reflect upon a subjective interpretation of each piece. Humanity is simultaneously linked and interdependent as the life of an individual is uniquely expressed. Polarization cultivates negative thought and ill will between two opposing sides. To work in duality is to accept conflict while focusing on the components that unify each group.


Engaging with my Stargate artworks is a means for awakening inner knowing, equilibrium and the ability to transmute unrest into well-being. When an individual fosters the development of integrity within, those values become projected outwards. This process creates unifying bridges of wisdom and supports the evolution of humanity into a new era of enlightenment.


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Please submit inquiries to The Gramercy Art Show.