I took art classes in high-school, at the Putney School. Creating art works is life-sustaining for me, and it's a love affair – drawing/painting has woven itself into my being - and that's why I do it. I paint exactly what I want to paint. I change styles and subjects frequently because I am free to do so. I have shown my work, most recently in several one-person exhibitions at the Andre Zarre gallery in New York.


Showing my work for me is problematic. My life is busy and complicated, and it's difficult to free up the time to shop my work around. I’d rather be painting! And, quite frankly, rejection hurts my feelings and dulls my enthusiasm for pursuing fame and fortune in the art world. Like so many artists, I am anticipating laying a burden of “product” on my heirs! I’m honored to be included into this very important exhibition at the Gramercy Art Show.

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Please submit inquiries to The Gramercy Art Show.