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Nina Friedman

Nina is an Artist for the last 25 plus years working in acrylic. She has taken Art History courses at NYU in New York. Before doing Art at the League, she was a designer in the fashion world for many years. This position gave her the opportunity to see the world and explore art all over the world. She has taken classes in abstract art for many years at the Art Students League. For the last 5 years she has worked with Bruce Dorfman and has been his Monitor for the last two years. Her collage pieces, use old and new paper. The papers is sometimes recycled .


Her objectives is to use layers to make the work look dimensional. She has also used many other mediums such as plaster and wax incorporating it into her work. Nina's process is not knowing where her work is going. The process is the beauty of the work taking her on a journey . It is all about experimenting and learning as she paints.


She has been in the Art Students League and has sold pieces from the Exhibition. She has shown in Chelsea, New York and Colorado and also the Artists Equity Association Exchange Show in Woodstock, New York. Along with an Exhibition in Rhode Island which is happening in April,2024. Creating for Nina is like Nina's lives by the words "Creativity is like Oxygen for the Soul."

Just White

Acrylic/Paper/Plaster on Canvas
18" x 18"

Money, Money, Money

Acrylic/Paper on Canvas
18" x 18"


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