A Japanese graphic & web designer, textile-dying artist and painter living in Manhattan and works for a Tokyo basis importing company devoting to graphical works.

Born in Japan and started the career as product designer and a certificated color advisor by Kanebo fashion institute and other organizations related to color management in the late 90's.  Later started working as a freelance designer and spent a year in Barcelona, Spain.  Through the experiences in the silk painting atelier, drawing and painting atelier, and workshops there, recognized her love toward the mix of colors and her favorite colors.  Also, Mediterranean lifestyle, their unique "rhythm" and nature gave a big influence.  She keeps visiting Spain frequently and has cherished it as her own hometown. 

Also earned Japanese traditional silk dyeing using rice and seaweed origin materials. Fluid colors showed various beautiful gradations depending on the combination of the rice dissolved in the colors and the movement and angle of the brushes.

Participated in the annual exhibitions at Takashimaya Department Store organized by Tokyo Yuzen(kimono dyeing) Academy, 2009, 2010. Tokyo.  Besides, joined several exhibitions as a graphic designer (2002,2003 and 2005, Tokyo), showed some water color works painting local Mexican people of craftwork sites in Mexico (2008,Tokyo) and acrylic works(2009,Tokyo). For these years, she has been working with Pastel and participated in the Annual Art Show at Salmagundi Club in 2018 and 2019.



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