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Renna Zimmer

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I have always been an artist.
My first memory of “getting” it was in kindergarte.
I drew profiles of women with buns and breasts.
I drew profiles of my male dachshund Franz.
Long nose floppy ears and 5 legs - well there were 4 short legs + one for his penis and a tail.
Very sophisticated 5 year old.
I KNEW I was an artist.

Since then I’ve drawn painted collaged created all sorts of things - dolls houseplant scarecrows magic vessels. 
Transformed cheap throwaway items into works of art - paper bags cardboard boxes cornstarch oatmeal baking soda flour soap magazines random items that spark my imagination.
I have studied in a number of esteemable schools.
The one teacher I learned anything from was Francis Cunningham at the Brooklyn Museum Art School when I was a young teen.
My work goes through stages.
Recently I’ve been having a love affair with clay. 
I create pieces either hand built or wheel thrown and then I paint them.
Prior to that I had a 15 year run with cut or ripped paper making portrait collages.
It’s a privilege and a deeply moving experience to see the world through an artist’s eye.



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The Gramercy Art Show

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