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Robert Jones

Artist Robert Jones

Bob Jones graduated from Lyme Academy College of Fine Art, which focused on traditional painting. Since moving to the city, he painted plein air on the street because he believed in enriching the life of the city directly to create genuine energy for his paintings. He supported "Art made, sold, or placed in the public way," as stated by Daniel X O'Neil on Arte Agora.


He was the recipient of Bryant Park's Artist in Residence grant in 2016, as well as the Ocean House painter in residence grant for 2018 and 2019. Additionally, his work graced the cover of City Journal's summer 2022 issue.


Recently, he completed the Metropolitan Museum's copyist program of Camille Corot's A Village Street: Dardagny in May 2023. He had a number of exhibitions, including a solo exhibition at Space Gabi in 2015, Soho Places in 2018, and Norwich Artspace Gallery in 2023. He also gained experience running a pop-up gallery in East Village and working as an artist assistant for James Reed, a printmaker in Connecticut.


Currently, he is focused on urban landscape and will continue to paint on the street to encourage more public involvement in art.

Madison and 38th Street

Oil on Canvas
20" x 28"


Frick Madison Blue Study

Oil on Canvas
24" x 18"

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