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Victoria Grimon

Artist Victoria Grimon

Victoria Grimon is a mixed media visual artist who lives and works in SoHo, New York City. She started working on Studio 16 at the Art Students League under Bruce Dorfman mentorship in April, 2023. Weeks later two of her works were selected for the Annual Studio Show at The Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery: Foldable 7 and Foldable 11. She was awarded the Elizabeth A. Clarke Merit Scholarship from the Art Students League in June 2023, two months after joining The League, with the series Foldable 17. Orange, Brown and Pink. Her first wall-foldable, Foldable 37. De lo Imposible a lo Verdadero, was selected for the Annual Studio Show 2024 and was awarded a Special Recognition.


She began exploring space through abstract collages, creating depth and volume overlapping magazine clippings and using watercolor. The two-dimensional collages evolved to tri-dimensional, creating volume through the folding of the paper and resulting in the Foldables. These developed with with the introduction of new materials such as wood and the enlargement of the format. Her latest work, the Wall-Foldables, are sculptural works of greater volume built with a plywood structure covered in canvas. Her language has been described as precise, clean, elegant and idealistic.


Victoria Grimon was born in the Canary Islands, Spain, in 1979. She graduated in Art History from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Soon after she moved to New York where she studied Psychology at Columbia University. At that time, it was clear to her that she would never leave the city. She has read the seven volumes of A la Recherche du Temps Perdu and The Agony of Flies is her bedside book. She has been living in New York City for twenty years, her home, although she considers herself too Spaniard to be American.

Foldable 32, 2023

Paper, Wood , and Acrylic

31" x 37"

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